AiMaximise Services

What is AiMaximise?

AiMaximise, our suite of IT Outsource Services, offer Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to clients at a fixed-fee by contract.

  • Our purpose of ITO and BPO services are to improve IT operation process, management and user satisfaction, as well as to help clients gain competitive edge with sophisticated technology and people skill.
  • We provide around the clock 24/7 dedicated helpdesk support team to all our clients.
  • Our consultancy service area spans from System Implementation, System Enhancement, User Support, User Training, Bug Fixing, Develop and Ad-Hoc Reports, Vendor Sourcing and Pre-Negotiations. Tools or Languages used are VB. Dot Net, Flash Builder, RPGLE and Crystal Report.
  • We also take on the consultant role for Business Solution Advisor and IT Roadmap to Support Business Growth and provide after sales support of IT Infrastructure Support and ERP Maintenance Support.
  • Our support package are inclusive of Enterprise/AMS Support and Time and Material man-day support package.
Why Choose AiMaximise?

The Top Ten Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Outsource Business and IT Solution:

  • Save on Cost – provides savings on project price.
  • Save on Time – Save valuable time and increase deliverables.
  • Save on HR Cost – saves time spent on recruitment and training.
  • Lack of In-House Experience – a solution to expand the IT skills, without having to hire.
  • Talented IT Professional – access the best IT brains via talent pool.
  • Focused Strategy – outsource companies will help you build efficiency and processes.
  • Project Management – utilisation of project management principles for successful completion of project.
  • Technological Advances – tap on the outsource company’s technological resources which will be more advanced.
  • Risk Mitigation – a trusted outsource company will help you lessen risk of project failure.
  • Conserve Capital – reduce investment on IT infrastructure.

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